Founder of a Seed Investment Fund

London, England, United Kingdom


The Eleven ( are looking for an entrepreneurial Co-Founder to help build a new Seed Investment Fund. The fund will invest in leading early-stage startups across the UK.

Why is this Exciting?

We're reinventing the way seed funding works, with a new venture fund that will operate differently from 'normal' - with a focus on building a fund that significantly benefits the companies it invests in.

This is an amazing opportunity to become both an investor in many early stage businesses as well as a key player in the UK startup ecosystem. With our network, and significant plans already underway, we have in development a new fund that will invest in 100-200 early-stage startups in the next 2-3 years, with a chance for subsequent funds to be built in the future.

Investments will be made using a formula, so there will be no ‘decision-making’; instead, the key to this fund is developing an amazing network/community and other benefits that support the portfolio company founders.

We’ve already solved a lot of the key issues and have investors ready. As such, you will have, from the very start, a significant advantage and probability of success - this is a proven opportunity with a clear roadmap, investors and strategy. You will be backed by and working alongside successful entrepreneurs and investors who between them have started over a dozen successful businesses, and a huge network of the key players in the UK.

You’ll also benefit from backing by The Eleven (, who’ll help administer the fund and ensure you have the time to focus on adding value to your investees.

Your Role

1. Passionately Adding Value. You should be someone who lives and breathes helping startups and building a community. Unlike a traditional fund, there will be no decision-making, instead your principal role is adding value to the portfolio companies. Part of this is knowing how and where to add value, and part of it is having the skills to implement that knowledge. As such previous experience in the sector is vital.

2. Profile & Networking. In order to add value to your portfolio, you will need to have an amazing network and know how to use it!

3. You will be helping to build the fund, from scratch - helping to create the right structures and systems to ensure automation.

4. Fundraising & Investor Relations. Whilst a lot of this will be automated or provided by the Eleven - you will be expected to help bring in new investors and maintain relations with them.

Note: The ‘back office’ tasks will all be provided by The Eleven (admin, legals, finance etc.), enabling you to focus squarely on the most exciting and interesting part of the fund.


1. Previous experience as a founder of a venture-backed business, a builder of a community and/or someone with experience at an incubator, fund or accelerator. You should be able to demonstrate experience of helping other startups and building community.

2. An amazing network within the startup ecosystem and beyond. Someone who’s always looking for better ways to grow and utilise their network.

3. A passion for entrepreneurship, startups and technology - a deep understanding and ability to navigate the sector

4. Resourcefulness and self-sufficiency - ensure the success of this business fund with your passion and determination.


1. The autonomy and control to build a fund from scratch. We think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone at the right stage of their career. We will support you but do not aim to prevent you from building in your own style.

2. A stake in the game - generous equity with friendly vesting.

3. A competitive salary from day one.

4. A seat at the table building the next generation of technology, networking with the leaders in this market.

5. Support from award-winning entrepreneurs, an extensive network and a back-office to help you achieve more.

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