Co-Founder for Recruitment / Talent Startup

London, England, United Kingdom


The Eleven ( are looking for an entrepreneurial Co-Founder for a new startup focusing on helping companies find the best engineering talent.

Why is this Exciting?

Recruitment is broken. We can send rockets into space and land them back on a platform in the ocean, but we still find it painfully difficult to find and retain great people. The recruitment market still uses ancient methods for the most progressive businesses - it’s time to change this.

Talent comes first. There is a war for talent, none more so than for engineers. In that war, it is usually the companies with the deepest pockets and the most aggressive tactics that win. Instead, we envisage a world led by the talent. Where our primary responsibility is to help these engineers find the perfect spot where they can be most effective and be the most fulfilled.

Head Start. You’ll begin day one with a significant advantage and probability of success - this is a proven opportunity with a clear roadmap, customers and funding available. You will be backed by and working alongside successful entrepreneurs who between them have started over a dozen successful businesses. You’ll also benefit from backing by The Eleven (, and be able to share in their experience, culture, network and space.

Your Role

  1. Communicating. This role is ALL about the quality of your interactions and understanding of people. You will be on the phone, networking with and meeting people all the time. If that sounds unattractive, swipe left.
  2. Prioritising. The key to success here is knowing how to prioritise. You should be obsessed with productivity, self-improvement and have a sixth sense for where to spend your time.
  3. Nurturing. Our pool of outstanding engineers, coaching and helping them find the right fit.
  4. Representing. You will be the face of the company, building its reputation… forging a brand that tech companies are desperate to work with.

Note: The ‘back office’ tasks will all be provided by The Eleven (admin, legals, finance etc), enabling you to focus squarely on the most exciting and interesting part of the business.


  1. A love of people and a passion for sales - with the drive and hunger to work with us to both launch this business and extract maximum returns
  2. A passion for entrepreneurship, startups and technology - a deep understanding and ability to navigate the sector
  3. A extroverted relationship builder - someone who’s always looking for better ways to grow and utilise their network.
  4. Resourcefulness and self-sufficiency - the success of this business lies with your passion and determination.


  1. The autonomy and control to build a company that represents your values & interests. We will support you but do not aim to prevent you from building the business in your own style.
  2. A stake in the game - generous equity with friendly vesting.
  3. A clear roadmap to building a £10m business ARR within a few years.
  4. £60,000 - 90,000 OTE (on target earnings in year 1), with a much higher in subsequent years.
  5. A seat at the table building the next generation of technology, networking with the leaders in this market.
  6. Support from award-winning entrepreneurs, an extensive network and a back-office to help you achieve more.
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